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Why WOW?

WOW seeks to provide its 200 members the opportunity to learn about their community, support local charitable and civic activities, and socialize in an atmosphere of friendliness and goodwill. Aside from the luncheon meetings held monthly from September through May, WOW members are active in 19 clubs and activities throughout each month. In addition, several annual activities are planned where members can contribute their time and expertise or enjoy social outings with other members. Examples of these are day trips, cruises, participation in the Festival of Trees, and fund raising activities.


Cooking Chicken for a Salad

Need some chicken for a salad, or to top some pasta? This is the method. It takes some trust, but believe me — it works flawlessly every single time.
This method takes trust; you can't check them or really watch them cooking. But I promise that if you follow this method exactly you won't be disappointed. It comes from the old Joy of Cooking, which gives this method its special label: Cockaigne, reserved for only their personal favorite and best recipes. chicken recipe

aurie ..........A Word from Our President.........

     Dear Ladies, 
            Well, the votes are in and counted, and the charity that received the most votes (but only by two) is Matthew’s Hope.  It was a really close vote as all of the charities are worthy of our donations and much more.  Thank you all for taking the time to vote on this issue.
            Twenty years ago a group of women sat in a living room and developed the by-laws that started our club.   If you look at the list of activities, we have mostly had a good time and we eat a lot.  I know I have enjoyed my time with WOW and this is where I met most of my good friends.  I hope this is true for you too because that was one of the reasons we were started.
            Our October luncheon will be at the Osceola Café at the Shingle Creek Hotel on Universal Boulevard.  The program will be a fashion show by Steinmart with our members modeling.  If you have any extra greeting cards you would like to donate to the club, please bring them to the meeting.  We really do appreciate your donations.
            I hope I will see you all there.
Aurie Bremer, President                            352-242-0098

MAtthews Hope

What's Going On?

Our next luncheon is October 16th at
located on the lower level of the  ROSEN SHINGLE CREEK HOTEL


Mathew's Hope magazine link

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International Dining

In October, let's take a culinary voyage to la belle France!  

Place:  Bistro CloClo, 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd. (in the Marketplace)
Date/Time:  Tuesday, October 14, 11:30 a.m.
Restaurant phone:  407-745-5045
Restaurant website:

Please RSVP to me no later than Sunday, October 12 by phone (407-614-7144) or e-mail (



Computer Tips by Barbara Aboushahba

To print any document or webpage, hold down the CTRL key and tap the “P” key.  This will open your PRINT window where you can select how many pages and how many copies.  You can also find the PRINT command under the File menu or the Office button depending on the program you are using.

To save a document hold down the CTRL key and tap the “s” key.  This opens the SAVE window. Make sure to pick a good location to save your file using the "save in" box at the top and change the name if you want in the "file name" box at the bottom.  If you are trying to save a picture or document you received with an email (like the WOW newsletter), open it then select  SAVE AS from the File menu or the Office Button at the top left of the window.   In the SAVE AS window you can choose a new  location for the file other than your DOWNLOADS  folder.  You can save the file  to your desktop or your documents folder. You can click NEW FOLDER  to create a new folder to put the document or picture  in, and  name the new folder, for example - WOW Newsletters or  My Grandkids.

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