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WOW is a civic and social organization whose members live and/or work
in Southwest Orange County, Florida




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New Members 2015 - 2016

Brenda Fides
Linda Gurian
Betty Ann Hack
Gerry McCarty (returning)
Sophia Mendelson
Juanita Tirpak
Clare Marie Wheeler
Patricia Yachmetz

new oct 2015

New Members attending October Luncheon: Juanita Tirpak, Karen Fisher-Wallen, Cynthia Aimo, Sofia Mendelson,  Phyllis DePiazza, Elizabeth Mnayarji

Lynette g

New member Lynette Griffin attended the March Luncheon


New members Paulette Campbell, Ann Rogers, and Jacque Cockrell attended the February luncheon.

sharon Fonner
New Member: Sharon Fonner

New Members:  Beth Gloss, Suzanne Martin, Jan Penrose, and Beverly Powers

New Members:  Beth Gloss, Suzanne Martin, Jan Penrose, and Beverly Powers


New Member Catherine Giordano

Cora and Joanna
New Members Cora Fischer and Joanna Magel

MAY 2014
Mary Maciejczyk, Bea Pimpinella -new members

2014 - 2015 New Members
Barbara Ashcraft
Terry Augustin 
Marjorie Brennan 
Paulette Campbell
Jacque Cockrell
Jeanette Collet 
Suzanne Martin Evans 
Cora Fischer
Sharon Fonner 
Catherine Giordano
Beth Gloss
Lynette Griffin
Rozeanne Joseph 
Mary Maciejczyk
Joanna Magel 
Daphne Miller 
Dianna Morley 
Nancy Moses
Jan Penrose 
Bea Pimpinella
Beverly Powers 
Elda Rich
Ann Rogers 
Ruth Schroeder
Ana Leonor Velez
Anne Whiteside

2013-2014 New Members
Tenna Adkins
Eve Akel
Mary Borgan
Melissa Bregman
Crystal Bruning
Kathy Caldwell
Carol Clemons
Carol Dougherty
Jennie Forsythe
Rebecca Fulmer
Terry Lehman
Toni Kellison
Nancy Martinez
Josephine Moo
Rose Munch
Sari Rabechenek
Carolyn Ridgway
Martha Ritucci
Geri Siscaretti
Sheila Thomas
Carol Topp
Paula Wallace
Phyllis Zunk

Beckie Fulmer

Phyllis Zunk and Stacie Vizoso

New Members Phyllis Zunk and Stacie Vizoso

new members

November New Members: Sari Rabechenek, Geri Siscaretti, Melissa Bregman, Sheila Thomas,  Carol Dougherty, and Jennie Forsythe


new members

Carol Clemons, Toni Kellison Oct2013


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